I-Joist Floor Assemblies​

Fire protection for first floor wood assembly

Residential homes with I-joist floor construction are required to have fire protection enhancements due to the flammability and the rate at which engineered wood floor systems are consumed when fire is present. When No-Burn Plus is applied to wood I-joists, residential occupants and fire responders are given additional time when it’s most critical and the potential for a first floor failure is lessened.

The IRC requires I-joist first floor assemblies to be protected. The fire protection of floors requires a fire barrier, such as 1/2″ gypsum wallboard membrane or other approved and certified barriers – on the basement ceiling.

But a better solution for the fire protection of floors and wood I-joists is the spray application of No-Burn Plus. No-Burn Plus is an intumescent coating that creates a fire barrier between flame and the substrate. When applied to I-joists and the underfloor assembly, this coating is enhancing fire safety, dramatically extending the time available for residents to exit safely and fire safety responders to extinguish any flames.

No-Burn Plus is easy to mix, easy to apply, and low in VOC content and emissivity, so there’s no foul odor. Affordable pricing means you can keep your project up to code and on budget, too.

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No-Burn Plus, Fire Protection for Wood I-Joists

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