Exterior Wall Assemblies

Passive Fire Protective Coating for Fire Resistant Rated Wall Assemblies​

Many occupancies or types of construction, including stores, office buildings and multi-story residential housing units require fire-rated exterior wall assemblies.  Achieve 1, 2 or 3-hour exterior wall assembly ratings with No-Burn Plus or Plus ThB.

No-Burn Plus and No-Burn Plus ThB are code-compliant for use over combustible components in exterior wall assemblies.

Greater design versatility is achieved with the use of Plus ThB over exterior spray foam insulation as cladding choices may be combustible.

Flexability with rough framing and sheeting is preferred and achieved with Plus. A non-pressurized process enables greater use of available lumber and sheeting as well as specifying a site-applied coating that may satisfy more than one code requirement.

No-Burn Plus and No-Burn Plus ThB are produced in ISO 9001 facilities, are water-based, non-toxic, low in VOC content and emissivity to protect people as well as buildings. Contact us to learn how No-Burn can help your project achieve the required fire resistance rating for exterior wall assemblies, meeting applicable standards and codes.

No-Burn Plus, Fire Protection for Exterior Rated Wall Assemblies

No-Burn Plus ThB, Fire Protection for Exterior Rated Wall Assemblies

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