Intumescent and Fire Retardant Coatings have gained the attention of the construction industry. Applied in common and unique applications alike, coatings are versatile and permanent elements of the building.

Residentially, No-Burn protects your project’s attic and crawlspace insulation and first floor wood framing.  Commercially, No-Burn is a component in interior and exterior rated assemblies and conditioned and unconditioned locations where wood framing, sheeting and spray foam insulation are installed.

You get code-compliant passive fire protection that is easy to apply and third-party tested and validated. No-Burn protects materials and substrates within the interior and exterior of your building project.

Our Applications

Thermal and Ignition Barriers for Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

To comply with building codes, spray polyurethane foam insulation requires a thermal or ignition barrier to protect against fire and combustion. No-Burn Plus ThB and Plus XD are certified and approved for application over the leading brands of spray polyurethane foam insulation.

I-Joist Floor Assemblies

In residential home construction, I-joists are often utilized to frame first and second floors. I-joists on the first floor, or basement ceiling, require a fire protective or fire resistant barrier. Learn how No-Burn Plus provides code-compliant, live-saving protection for this application.

Exterior Wall Assemblies

Many occupancies or types of construction, including stores, office buildings and multi-story residential housing units require fire-rated exterior wall assemblies. Achieve a 1, 2 or 3-hour exterior wall assembly rating for your application with No-Burn Plus ThB fire protective coating.

Fire Retardant Treated Wood Alternatives

While Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) Wood is often specified in commercial construction projects, this wood can be cumbersome to procure and costly to use. Learn how No-Burn Plus as an intumescent coating is cost-effective and a code-compliant equivalent for FRT wood that can be used with conventional lumber and sheeting.

Flame Spread Classification

How do fire ratings and flame spread classifications work, and what fire rating is required for your application? Learn how No-Burn’s line of passive fire protective coatings meet Class 1 and Class A fire ratings for interior finishes.