Updated Alternative Thermal Barrier Assemblies: No-Burn® Plus ThB & Icynene

Updated Alternative Thermal Barrier Assemblies: No-Burn® Plus ThB & Icynene
Please see Evaluation Report (ER) 305 with updates to Table 2-Alternative Thermal Barrier Assemblies.  Meeting IRC® and IBC® alternative thermal barrier and R-value requirements, No-Burn® Plus ThB is listed at 18 wet mils over Icynene Open Cell Foams at maximum thicknesses: Walls 6” and Ceilings 14”.   Plus ThB is a low VOC waterbased intumescent coating, achieving fire performance as a component in an alternative thermal barrier assembly at the lowest wet film thickness over Icynene’s Open Cell Spray Foams.  
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Evaluation Report (ER 305)

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